2019 5th International Conference on New Media Studies (CONMEDIA)


9 – 11 October 2019

Applications (E- Commerce, E- Government, E- Learning, Web Technology and Application); Mobile Technology (Mobile Application, Mobile Computing); Interactive Media Design (Game Development, Animation, Computer Simulation, Multimedia Application, User Interface Technology, Digital Technology for Creative Industry); Business Intelligence and Management (Data Mining, Data Management, Data Communication and Networking Data Visualization, Data Warehousing, Intelligent Systems Risk Management); Strategic Information System (Cloud Computing, Knowledge Management, System Analysis and Design. Database Management, ERP System); Computational Science and Technology (Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Semantic Web Ontological Engineering); Embedded Systems and Communication (Computer Networks, Network and Security, Signal Processing, Sensor Network, Network and Systems)

Bali, Indonesia


Sponsors: Indonesia Section; Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
Call for Papers Deadline: 7 July 2019Posted in SEMINAR & CALL FOR PAPERS.

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