2019 IEEE 6th Asian Conference on Defence Technology (ACDT)


13 – 15 November 2019

Smart systems, Security, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Information Technology and Information System, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Modelling and Simulation, Operation Research, Technology for Safeguard Operation, Defence Management, Military Specialty. , Internet-of-Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, IT Framework, C4ISR., Situational Awareness Technology, Common Operational Pictures (COP) Technology. Disaster Relief, Peace Keeping and Humanitarian Assistance, Anti-Terrorism, Technology In Counter-Drug Operations. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Immune System, Expert System, Cognitive Systems, Intelligent Systems, Autonomous Systems, Parallel Computing Systems, Net-Centric Computing Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, New Computing and Architecture Trends, Software Engineering, Decision Theory, Command and Control (C2) Systems, Secure Communication Technology, Navigation System.

Bali, Indonesia
  ACDT 2019

Sponsors: Indonesia Section CS/RA Joint Chapter
Call for Papers Deadline: 30 June 2019Posted in SEMINAR & CALL FOR PAPERS.

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